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Notes: The Lean Startup

Careful planning and execution work for general management but not for startups. Perfect execution is futile if you end up building something nobody wants (waste). The real progress for startups...

Notes: Venture Deals

Before Fundraise: Allow minimum three to six months to raise money. Have a clean cut from last job to avoid IP disputes. Prepare data site (Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws, board...

Kubernetes Networking From the First Principles

We go from containers and network namespace to Pod-to-Pod, Pod-to-Service, and external-client-to-Service networking.

Life and Investment Through the Lens of Uncertainty

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own. Not investment advice.

Navigating Shell for Productivity and Profit

I hope you find inspirations from these pretty neat shell tricks and my shell setup.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly: Istio for Short-lived Pods

Kubernetes does not differentiate sidecars and application containers in a Pod. Hence, enabling Istio for short-running workloads imposes additional challenges to the conventional approach of injecting an Envoy sidecar to...