These are some inspiring people, newsletters, and websites that I regularly learn from.

Startups, Products, SaaS, Funding

Paul Graham
Co-founder of Y Combinator and HackerNews.
Sam Altman
CEO of OpenAI. Former president of Y Combinator.
Lenny Rachitsky
Former Growth Product Manager at Airbnb. Weekly newsletter on product, growth, people management.
Harry Stabbings - 20VC
Podcast interviewing veterans in sales, growth, marketing, product, investment memo, and culture.
Acquired LP
Podcast on company building (pricing, hiring and strategy), VC basics, interviews with GPs.
Alex Clayton
General Partner at Meritech Capital. Primarily investing in enterprise software and infrastructure. Gives insightful S-1 breakdowns.
Leo Polovets
A software engineer turned VC. General Partner at Susa Ventures. Generous advice on seed-stage logistics, pitching, and fundraising
José Ancer - Silicon Hills Lawyer
A startup lawyer and Harvard JD who helps founders safely navigate high-stakes legal and financing issues, while keeping VCs honest.
Andrew Chen
General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. OG Rider Growth team at Uber. Prolific writer on consumer tech, including mobile, metrics, and user growth.

Career Development

Avery Pennarun
Will Larson
Julie Zhuo
Cedric Chin